Perelandra (Lord 33528) 1980 Germany *






If you get just one Eden album, make it this one. Perelandra is the group’s shining moment, a brilliant 5-star professional work that’s sure to satisfy the hunger of those who grew up on ‘70s progressive rock. Synthesizer lovers will have a field day here; this thing is absolutely drenched with multifaceted spacey soaring keyboards, all of them made even more bright and vivid by the flawless production. Eden has proudly achieved their own unique sound by balancing hard rock electric guitars and power synths with lyrical melodies and skillful classical instrumentation. Loud and aggressive one moment (‘Abgesang’, ‘Lichtlied’), drifty moody surreal passages the next (‘Er Wird Sein’). Some beautiful ethereal female harmonies with a choral-like quality, sounding particularly effective on the powerful seven-minute title track. A couple instrumental tracks: ‘Zwischenspiel’ and the intensely stirring ‘Im Bragdon-Weld’. Skillful violin and flute work, plus acoustic guitar, piano, even a sitar on ‘Bilder Einer Welt’. Don’t let the German lyrics dissuade you – you never understood what all those Yes songs meant either, did you? Some imported copies have an English translation enclosed – yes, it’s overtly Christian if that’s important to you. The album title is based on one of the novels in C. S. Lewis’ space trilogy. Once again the cover art is amazing. Deserves equal standing on the art rock pedestal with Jimmy Hotz and Arkangel. Also released on the German Eden label (EM20001) in 1981. (Ken Scott – Archivist).








Song #Song TitleTime
1-2Er Wird Sein (It Becomes Its)6:39
1-3Lichtlied (Light Song)5:16
1-4Zwischenspiel (Intermediate Play)1:35
1-5Dem Verborgenen Zuwider (The Hidden One Contrary)4:25
2-2I’m Bragdon-Wald (I’m Bragdon Forest)6:41
2-3Bilder Einer Welt (Pictures Of A World)5:43
2-4Ausklang (Ended)1:53



Members: Michael Claren, Annette Schmalenbach, Anne Dierks, Dirk Schmalenbach, Christos Charapis, Michael Dierks, Hans Fritzsch, Hans Müller, Dieter Neuhäuser & Kiriakos Charapis