Crimson – 1983






Notes on the record:

This album came as a result of Teri having a sponsor who wanted her to record a collection of her songs. Teri is an incredibly talented and creative song writer and performer and has written 100+ songs. She is an accomplished pianist and has more than a 3 octave vocal range. She called me shortly after the John Carlson album was completed to ask me to play guitar on a project she was going to do. I was still playing with Scott Huebl and Scott Douglas (a drummer we added to the John Carlson Band after finishing the album because we needed a drummer to sound like the record) and I asked Teri to include them, thus we became Crimson.

The album was recorded by the same engineers who did the John Carlson band. By this time, they had upgraded their studio significantly. John’s album was recorded with only 8 tracks and a very small mixing board. Crimson had 16 tracks to work with, a much better console, and and a much nicer room to record in. There are interesting differences in the recording quality of the two albums.

The performance style Teri had been using was to sing almost everything as a duet with another female vocalist, Gail. Most of the vocals on this album held to that style, however, there are a places where Teri sings alone. Listen to the character in her voice in those passages, she has a great voice. I recorded her in the studio on a multitude of other projects after Crimson. I have never heard her miss a single note and she can conceive complex vocal arrangements and sing all of the various parts, typically in a single take per part.

We had air play on this album in a couple of isolated markets. On one Christian station, we made it into their top 10 with “He Is A Fool”. We were #6 and Amy Grant’s song was #5. As a band, we found very few opportunities to perform, it was more acceptable for Teri and Gail to perform an acoustic show, so the band only played a few times around Denver, and we did a few gigs in Florida.

I still have a few unopened Crimson vinyl records and have CDs. If someone wants to own a copy, please direct them to my e-mail, otherwise, is you can set up MP3s to download, that would be great.

…and by the way, thanks to your blog, I have been in touch with John.


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Song #Song TitleTime
01Angel Dust4:47
02Master Of Disguise3:31
03Light Of The Day3:50
04I Don’t Understand Myself2:18
07Look At The Lady3:23
08He Is A Fool5:44
09Spinning Reprise2:44