Free To Fly (Dovetail DOVE 16) 1975 UK *




This lovely British folk/praise ensemble has caught the attention of a lot of collectors, vinyl hounds no doubt seeking respite from overexposure to psych and hard rock mania. Cloud has a strong classical complement of flute, violin, cello and recorder that together with the 12-string framework, gorgeous solo vocals and heavenly harmonization of the eighteen singers produces a deeply moving meditative quality that carries the listener away straight into aural nirvana. ‘I Feel I Want To Fly’, ‘I Will Lift Up My Eyes’, ‘Come Bless The Lord’ and ‘Search Me’ are all intensely beautiful stirring songs that set high standards for the genre. Miles above the bland muzak that much of the UK folk/praise scene would eventually evolve into. Most all of the songs were written by Phil Lawson Johnston, one of the group’s guitarists and singers. Produced by John Pantry. (Ken Scott – Archivist).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Living Stones2:50
1-2Love One Another2:10
1-3I Feel I Want To Fly4:25
1-4I Will Lift Up My Eyes4:30
1-5The Sun Will Surely Rise3:35
2-1The Lord By Wisdom1:35
2-2Come Bless The Lord2:10
2-3May The Lord Bless You From Zion1:15
2-4Praise The Lord1:28
2-5I Know That The Lord Is Great2:50
2-6Give Thanks Unto The Lord/Sing Unto the Lord4:30
2-7I Give Thanks O Lord With My Whole Heart4:10
2-8Search Me2:30
2-9Sing To The Lord A New Song1:25
2-10Let Everybody That Hath Breath Praise The Lord1:50