Just For You (Crescent City Sound CCSS-1226) 1971?




The Bridge is one of my favorite American folk-rock groups. This six-person Greensboro, North Carolina band developed a unique, joyful, exuberant electric sound with emphasis on melody, male/female harmonies, percussion, heavy bass and organ, all combined with worshipful lyrics. This is some of the nicest home-grown stuff I’ve ever heard. Although their premier release Just For You features little original material, they provide a fresh approach to songs by Love Song (‘Front Seat, Back Seat’, ‘Maranatha’, ‘Since I Opened Up’), The Way (‘If You Will Believe’), Ron Salsbury (‘Open Your Spiritual Eyes’), Mylon LeFevre (‘You’re Still On His Mind’) and others. I rarely get too excited about “cover” albums – the renditions usually pale next to the originals – but this one’s an exception. No fuzz or hard rock yet, but still a respectable underground electric guitar sound throughout. Organ is used extensively, receiving a sizeable solo on ‘The Week Song’. Effective sustained electric piano complementing the silky groove of ‘Joy Of Your Love’. Much more impressive things lay in their future, but this is a fine beginning. (Ken Scott – Archivist).






















Song #Song TitleTime
0-1The Coming Of The King2:52
0-2Since I Opened Up3:15
0-3You’re Still On His Mind3:22
0-4Front Seat Back Seat2:33
0-5Joy Of Your Love4:20
2-1Life In Jesus2:33
2-2Make Us One2:44
2-3The Week Song3:38
2-5Open Your Spiritual Eyes3:12
2-6If You Will Believe1:22