New Birth (Edify LPNVS1004) 1974









The New Village Singers are a friendly easy-going folk foursome that bring to mind the music of The Seekers. Listen Everybody debuts with sharp production emphasizing clean vocal harmonies, jangly guitars and crisp rhythms. Nice arrangements mix in flute, harmonica or piano where needed, all the while making sure the folk edge isn’t sacrificed for easy listening or MOR. They seem particularly fond of Love Song, covering five of their songs over the two albums. In fact New Birth opens up with ‘Since I Opened Up The Door’, revealing some of their newly introduced Jesus music country twang. The beat is set aside a few times for some pure acoustic tunes including renditions of ‘Love Song’ (the Elton John one) and Debbie Kerner’s ‘Behold, I Stand At The Door’. Good soothing stuff that isn’t gonna hurt anybody. (Ken Scott – Archivist).





New Village Sngs (Bck)





Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Since I Opened Up The Door3:23
1-2As In Love3:37
1-3Go To Dark Gethsemane2:34
1-4You Must Be Born Again4:25
1-5Love Song3:50
2-2Behold, I Stand At The Door3:10
2-3I Had A Dream4:02
2-4I Got Jesus2:07




Members: Diane Dahlen, Steve Dahlen, Dan Brokke, Terry Dugan