Mountains To Ashes (RSR 309) 1974?



Mike’s stirring Gordon Lightfoot-ish vocals set the perfect tone on this deserving solo effort of authentic acoustic rock steeped in rural sentiments and good-natured pastoral vibes. No Jerry or Cindy on this one, but four of the guys from Something More Than This are on here as well, helping out with banjo, harmonica, bass, drums and additional guitar. Includes renderings of John Hartford’s ‘First Girl I Loved’ and the Dillard-Clark-Leadon tune ‘With Care From Someone’. The remaining ten songs were written by Mike, including ‘Traveling Man’, ‘Blues In Minnesota’, ‘A New Day’, ‘This Simple Man’ and ‘I’m Changing My Song’. (Ken Scott – Archivist).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-2First Gal I Loved3:13
1-3With Care From Someone3:06
1-4Traveling Man3:26
1-6Blues In Minnesota3:37
2-1Mountains To Ashes3:48
2-2A New Day2:34
2-3This Simple Man2:56
2-5Our Song3:10
2-6I’m Changing My Song2:48