Have You Heard The News? (Wonderland QCS 1033) 1972 Canada *






Two wholesome hand-holding teen sisters who somehow ended up with a trippy psychedelic sound on a good third of their ultra-home-made lp. The songs to pay special attention to are ‘It Seemed So Easy’, ‘Why Do You Keep Running?’, ‘So Far To Go’ and the seven-minute ballad ‘Fellowship’, each of which features a sparsely-arranged late-‘60s combination of psychy organ, piano, electric guitar (including some fuzz), drums and bass. Not just the arrangements – the melodies themselves have a moody psychedelic nature with gloomy minor-key downer structures (the organ on a couple of these reminded me of Azitis). Even some subtle echo effects on the vocals in a couple spots. A few other songs like the title track, ‘Can’t You See?’ and a cover of ‘Day By Day’ also manage a pleasant underground light-rock vibe, albeit without the psych edge. Everything has a simple stark hypnotic loner tone overlaid with the gals’ delicate soprano/alto harmonies. Unfortunately the rest of the album consists of traditional piano hymns, but the good stuff (all of which was written by the girls) more than makes up for it. Produced by Wonderland Studio in London, Ontario. Hey they’re kind of cute, too (am I allowed to say that?). (Ken Scott – Archivist).







Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Have You Heard the News?3:10
1-2Reach Out To Jesus2:20
1-3Can't You See?3:00
1-4How Long Has It Been & In Times Like These & The Savior Is Waiting4:00
1-5It Seemed So Easy3:50
1-6Why Do You Keep Running?3:05
2-1Day By Day3:20
2-2To Be Used Of God2:20
2-3The Old Rugged Cross2:33
2-4So Far To Go4:45