From Rudy Bruggeman:

Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I am the guitar player from The John Carlson Band. When we recorded the album back in 1981, we only had 1000 copies made. We each got about 300. Scott told me a few years ago that he had sent all of his copies to someone….I think that is on your blog. I still have a box full of unopened vinyl. I would like to get $10.00-15.00 for the albums…I need to check to see if that will cover shipping, but assume it will.

John and I had played together as a duo for several years in the late 70’s and early 80’s, Scott joined around 1980. We were all attending Redeemer Temple in Denver and knew each other and performed together occasionally in one venue or another. We were getting frequent requests for John’s music, so we decided to go ahead with the project. John moved out-of-state right after we finished the album so we never had the opportunity to sell many of them. I Am Crucified got a little airplay around Denver, but since we weren’t performing much, interest waned pretty quickly.

After the John Carlson Album, Scott and I recorded together on an album titled “Crimson” in 1983. It featured a very talented female singer/songwriter. As Crimson, we did a basement demo with her about a year later that is pretty good. We didn’t get any interest and it was never distributed. I started Music Cellar recording studio in 1989 and ran it until moving to San Francisco. At Music Cellar a couple projects that you can still find are Danny Oertli albums (Stories) and one with Chuck Pyle and Doug Haywood (Keepin’ Time By The River). Doug was with Jackson Browne for years. I did a solo album in 1990 and have a small project in the works.

I tried to use your link to download the John Carlson album to get a feel for the quality, but was unsuccessful in getting the download to actually finish. I am completely comfortable with you providing the album free of charge and will be happy to send you a CD if that will help with the quality any of the cuts. Please confirm there is no charge to download from your sight.

Like you, I want the music to be heard….I guess if people are interested in the vinyl or a CD they can get it from me or if they just want the music they can download from you site. I still think John’s album caries a special blessing with it. John had a very special walk with the Lord while we were performing and I still sense the Spirit in his music.

If any of this is interesting you can add to the band bio that the last we heard, John is in Seattle, Scott is in Denver. One of the engineers, Steve Avidas is still recording in Denver and has done several national albums. Rob Mullins went to LA and has become really well known as a Jazz musician. He doesn’t mention the John Carlson album. It was one of earliest. He performed on the Crimson album as well.



The above is from two emails I received from Rudy. Rudy provided me with a CD of the John Carlson Band, from which I have made the MP3’s for this post. Here is Ken’s review again with the new Download link. You can contact Rudy at his email: If you like the music let’s support the artist and buy their work.


No Longer Strangers (Celesta CR-0030) 1981

Beautiful casual soaring authentic progressive rural rock custom with flashes of Atlanta Rhythm Section, The Talbot Brothers, Gordon Lightfoot and Thomas Goodlunas/Panacea. Production quality is excellent, a lucid acoustic framework with moody synths in the background, airy harmonies, and choice electric guitar leads from Rudy Bruggeman (some nice acoustic ones, too). All songs written by John Carlson, who’s lead vocals have that perfect soothing resonance for the style. Scott Huebl plays bass and provides vocal harmony. Titles include ‘Led Of The Spirit’, ‘Prophet & Sage’, ‘I Am Crucified’, ‘Potters Wheel’, seven others. A very satisfying work, housed in a striking colorful fantasy cover. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).


01. Led Of The Spirit
02. Prophet & Sage
03. I Am Crucified
04. Potters Wheel
05. These Are The Days
06. High As A Mountain
07. He Knows Our Frame
08. It Is Written
09. Peace
10. Lord Do It Again
11. No Longer Strangers

Bitrate: 320