Breaking Of The Dawn (Dovetail DOVE 36) 1976 UK *



Another fine album featuring eleven original songs in Kendrick’s mellow style. Opens with one of his most dynamic New Testament stories in song, ‘Peter At The Breaking Of The Bread’. Several of the titles are slow, moody and melancholy, with piano often favored over guitar, sometimes reflecting on themes of loneliness, shallowness and emptiness (‘Geordie’, ‘Loneliness’, ‘John Smith’), yet not without presenting the hope that comes at the “breaking of the dawn”. Brisk minor-key mood for ‘Why Do You Weep’. Closes with the acoustic ballad ‘In Your Way’. Participants include Mo Witham (lead guitar), Peter Banks (organ) and Keith Routledge (string and brass arrangements). Gatefold cover. (Ken Scott – Archivist).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Peter At The Breaking Of The Bread4:36
1-4If I Let It Go5:08
1-5Teach Me To Love4:47
2-1My True Feelings4:32
2-2John Smith3:24
2-3Taking Without Giving4:30
2-4Being Myself In Jesus3:56
2-5Why Do You Weep2:56
2-6In Your Way2:25