Refreshment (Profile GMOR 158) 1978 UK *



British foursome of the gentle smooth-flowing folk-rock variety. Normally I consider UK stuff like this simple and appealing, but the consistent use of phased and tremolo electric guitar on almost every cut lifts Gill and gang to the level of seriously cool. Add to that Gill’s (female) lovely frail lead vocals and even traditional tunes like ‘Through It All’ and ‘Greater Is He’ spring with life. Autoharp and glockenspiel occasionally used to magical effect. On the rare Profile custom label. Refreshing indeed. (Ken Scott – Archivist).






Song #Song TitleTime
1-2What Jesus Has Done For Me2:08
1-3Through It All3:14
1-5Thank You Lord2:22
1-6Stop To Wonder2:10
2-1Greater Is He2:47
2-2The Stranger2:04
2-3He's Everywhere2:58
2-4Count The Cost2:41
2-5Jesus, Jesus Wonderful Lord2:04
2-6We're All Believers2:32