South Wind And Spices (Pilgrim JLP 158) 1968 UK *




This young Belfast gal reminds me a lot of Judy MacKenzie with her sophisticated mix of jazz, swinging electric pop, folk, misty-eyed torch ballads and beat-rock. She does all these styles well, but my favorites are electric twangin’ numbers like ‘Spring, Zing!’ and ‘Your Fancy Clothes’, the latter with a cool guitar solo. Actually there’s a pretty good deal of electric guitar accompaniment throughout the lp, alongside the bass, piano and drums. South Wind And Spices features twelve of her songs, plus two covers (‘It Was Jesus’ and ‘I Saw A Man’). Good songwriting featuring creative titles like ‘The Answer To The Why’, ‘I Saw A Million People’, ‘The Way Was Dark’, ‘Yesterday’s Living’, ‘Daisies’ and ‘The Story Of The Candle’. Musical arrangements and direction by Peter Bye. Album title is based on a phrase from Song Of Solomon. Another fine entry from the early UK scene. (Ken Scott – Archivist).







Song #Song TitleTime
1-1It Was Jesus2:03
1-2The Answer To The Why2:35
1-3I Saw A Million People2:46
1-4Running Away2:10
1-5The Way Was Dark2:20
1-6Yesterday’s Living1:50
1-7Consider Jesus3:00
2-1South Wind And Spices3:30
2-3The Story Of The Candle2:06
2-4Come Listen To Me2:30
2-5Spring Zing1:43
2-6I Saw A Man3:38
2-7Your Fancy Clothes2:12