Everlasting Praise (WFB 862) 1972?



With crude electric guitar strumming over a crisp drumbeat, Pennsylvania’s Everlasting Praise brings to life several standards, enveloping them with that lovable home-made real-people charm. As a straight acoustic group they’d sound pretty ordinary, but that plugging in adds the garage edge and makes all the difference in the world. The harmonies and overall sound of these four guys and two girls are clearly amateur, but then that’s what makes albums like this so interesting. The formula works especially well on tracks like ‘My Sweet Lord’ and ‘One In The Spirit’ (which features a couple dandy guitar solos). Other selections include ‘Let’s Talk About Jesus’, ‘Without Him’, the Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’ (“sweet Jesus comes to me”), ‘God’s Love’, ‘The King Is Coming’, ‘For Those Tears I Died’ and ‘Reach Out And Touch The Lord’. 1000 pressed. (Ken Scott – Archivist).



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Lets Talk About Jesus3:27
1-2My Sweet Lord2:42
1-3Without Him3:04
1-4Let It Be4:36
1-5One In The Spirit3:59
2-1God’s Love4:19
2-2The King Is Coming3:50
2-3For Those Tears4:56
2-4Reach Out And Touch The Lord4:56