He’s Getting To You (Maranatha M3149) 1974?






The Mississippi duo of Don & Dennis deserve a slot right next to Tim & Dale and Tom & Dan with whom they share a similar high-quality jangly folk-pop-rock style. Even some glimmers of English duos like Chad & Jeremy or Malcolm & Alwyn. Being a custom recording He’s Getting To You is going to be a lot tougher to find (if they had listed their last names anywhere here I’d have tried to track them down), but should you happen upon a copy you’re in for quite a treat as this is a truly precious undertaking. Although pictured on the cover in concert with just a pair of acoustic guitars, this studio production includes a bass-and-drums rhythm section plus regular use of electric guitar, including some splendid lead work. A few songs are lovingly enhanced by home-made string arrangements. Most songs written by the twosome, plus interpretations of Love Song’s ‘Two Hands’ and ‘Love Song’, and an endearing cover of Bread’s ‘If’ (re-tooled with Christian lyrics). Most of the songs are gentle ballads like those of America or Bread, but with the plugged-in angle and percussion providing a definite edge. The more up-tempo ‘Ain’t It A Blessing’ is the stand-out track with its nod to jangly British Invasion ‘60s folk-rock/beat sounds. No date listed but given the song selection, hair styles and that hideous burgundy corduroy jacket I’d say early-to-mid ‘70s.  (Ken Scott – Archivist).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Two Hands3:15
1-2They Call It Heaven3:12
1-4As Jesus Died2:30
2-1He’s Getting To You2:07
2-2Heaven Has Shown His Face2:20
2-3Love Song4:12
2-4Ain’t It A Blessing2:48
2-5Moment Of Truth2:48