Ask (CR-26) 1974




Custom debut by long-running Pennsylvania group reminds me of the up-tempo cheerful folk-rock of Children Of The Day. Though coming nowhere near the magic and charm of those masters, Daybreak has enough going for it to hold my interest. About half the lp is original material and half is covers including Norman’s ‘Wish We’d All Been Ready’, Kristofferson’s ‘Why Me’, and Rebirth’s ‘Into The Light’. ‘Salvation Story’ is a jangly electric piece that gives the guitarist a chance to cut loose with some fuzz guitar – this song alone makes the album worth seeking out. To be honest not all the vocalists have dulcet voices and there’s a fair amount of off-key singing. Still, I’m glad groups like this chose to record. I’ll take stuff like this over slick pop/ccm any day. (Ken Scott – Archivist).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1He Hears Me When I Call2:21
1-2Help Me3:12
1-3I Wish We’d All Been Ready2:39
1-4Not For The Better2:03
1-5Get Together3:16
2-2The Coming Of The Lord2:15
2-3Salvation Story2:27
2-4Why Me2:52
2-5Into The Light2:30