Out Of The Wilderness (Myrrh MYR 1042) 1976 UK *






Eleven more originals in the same appealing rural-rocking style of their first lp. I think their debut still has the upper hand, but this is not at all a bad follow-up. Nice bits of slide guitar wrapped around ‘Elinor’ and ‘Burning My Bridges’, while the joyful fuzz lines make repeat appearances on ‘Walk With Me’ and the seriously revved-up ‘Run Run Run’. ‘Haul Away’ and ‘Loving Things’ are decent acoustic-oriented tracks, both embellished with mandolin. ‘I Will Return’, ‘The Stranger’ and ‘Praise The Lord’ are all effective ballads. Female backing vocals on a couple songs. Piano and string arrangements are introduced on the final track ‘Don’t Get Too Earthbound’. A far as Jesus country rockers go, these guys definitely set the bar high. (Ken Scott – Archivist).








Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Walk With Me2:48
1-3Haul Away2:56
1-4Run Run Run2:38
1-5I Will Return4:25
1-6The Stranger3:55
2-1Burning My Bridges4:35
2-2Loving Things3:46
2-3Peace On You2:38
2-4Praise The Lord3:49
2-5Don’t Get Too Earthbound3:37