I Found Joy (Creative Sound CSS 5651) 1973



Folky soft rock guy with light-hearted easygoing melodic style sort of like early John Fischer. Most of the time he’s got a band backing him, female bgvs, sometimes a light samba beat or smoky cool-jazz guitar ala Michael Kelly Blanchard. Simple but decent home-made production, with acoustic guitar, bass, piano, flute, synthesizer and drums. A couple fun live-before-an-audience sing-along selections with just guitar accompanying. ‘Spiritual’, ‘Prayer For The Children’, ‘Gran’pa’, ‘Jesus Was My Neighbor’s Boy’, ‘B.J.’, ‘Judy’s Song’, six more. (Ken Scott – Archivist).


                                      Rear of Original Cover


                                           Rear of Alternate


Thank you Donald for the rear cover photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1I Found Joy1:57
1-3Sing Along3:12
1-4For So Long3:30
1-5Prayer For The Children2:04
2-1Jesus Was My Neighbor's Boy3:43
2-2Joy Song4:59
2-4Judy's Song1:50
2-5Only You2:30
2-6Glory To The Father3:19