Anointed Ones II (Alpha & Omega DRP 115) 1978





They did another one – and this time they flexed their muscles slightly. As a whole the album is a little spread out stylistically – rock, light bouncy folk-rock, island folk/pop, acoustic ballads, smooth be-bop. A pair of ccm/praise (‘Trinity Praise Chorus’) and youth sing-along moves (‘Love Medley’) would seem to be a step backward. Fortunately such moments are overshadowed by strong material like the opening rocker ‘Anointed’, where the mood and dynamic electric guitar work bring to mind Gentle Faith’s ‘Jerusalem’. ‘One Desire’ is also notable, all the instruments stopping cold in the middle to make way for a fuzz guitar solo. ‘Ode To America’ rests in a pleasant quiet acoustic setting. Closes with a version of ‘Jehovah-Jireh’ that absolutely burns with a brilliant stinging acoustic lead. (Ken Scott – Archivist).






Song #Song TitleTime
1-2Righteous Faith4:27
1-3Trinity Praise Chorus3:57
1-4You Can Praise The Lord3:21
2-1Jesus You’re The Joy1:38
2-2Love Medley4:58
2-3One Desire2:23
2-4Ode To America3:32
2-5Jehovah Jireh3:11