Whitestone (S80-644-3414S) 1976?








Folks who appreciate horn rock endeavors by groups like Liberation Suite and Crimson Bridge should check out the seven-man outfit Whitestone and their nicely produced custom. They’ve got some decent trumpet-trombone action going down on high-powered covers of ‘Day By Day’ and ‘Blind Man’, with electric guitar, organ and piano filling out the sound. Also softer acoustic songs like ‘Lord’s Prayer’ and ‘Christmas Song’. Gets a little smooth and loungy in a couple spots, particularly the vocals. A few light progressive angles of the early Chicago variety, finally approaching true Chicago-esque grandeur on the seven-minute three-part closer ‘Jesus Is The Light’ which includes a drum solo and big fuzz wah-wah guitar climax. Recorded at Sound 80 Inc. which I believe is in Minneapolis. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).





Whitestone - Whitestone (Bck)




Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
01Day By Day2:11
03Blind Man2:03
04Love Prayer4:41
05It’s So Hard6:50
06Our Hope For Tomorrow3:16
07He’s Waiting3:00
08Christmas Song2:53
09Jesus Is The Light: Part One – The Light/Part Two – Meditation/Part Three – Got To Get To Know You Better Lord7:07



An explanation of the Name White Stone