Washed (Ageless SC-002) 1975




Superb rural folk-rock and dreamy acoustic private press from four Massachusetts gals known as Washed, with a few guys in the background helping out on additional instruments. Acoustic guitars, piano, electric guitar, bass and dobro make for a nice pastoral blend – natural and rough around the edges, but in a positive sense. ‘Roll On’ and the plugged-in ‘Revival Train’ are both upbeat numbers that work with truck-driving and locomotive themes respectively. Several of the ballads have an edgy folk-psych feel, with hypnotic droning guitar work that often comes close to sounding like a sitar (‘Gentle Jesus’, ‘He Smiles At Me’ and the gorgeous mellotron-backed ‘Latter Rain’). ‘Cain Killed Abel’ is another strong track with its resolute minor-key strum, haunting flute-like mellotron and more psychy sitar-ish guitar. Filled out with some pleasant straightforward femme folky Jesus music. Twelve original songs in all. (Ken Scott – Archivist).






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Roll On3:29
1-2My Father4:15
1-3Gentle Jesus1:59
1-4There’s Alot In The Bible2:59
1-5He Smiles At Me4:58
1-6The Resurrection2:51
2-1Revival Train2:14
2-2Latter Rain3:30
2-4Cain Killed Abel4:10
2-5Man From Galilee2:24
2-6I Walk Beside You3:17