I’m Safe In The Love Of Jesus – 1982






This one is not in Ken Scott’s archivist. It is one that I found that grabbed my attention. It is maybe a little more gospel than most Jesus Music but it was upbeat and a fun album. It also has an overall theme of who we are in Jesus. It is also one you can listen to as a family as The Martel’s daughter sings a song or two. I know many of you may have children or grandchildren so enjoy. Personally I liked “I Am Who I Am Says I Am”.







Song #Song TitleTime
1-1I’m Safe In The Love Of Jesus2:49
1-2The Grave Is Empty2:50
1-3We’ve Never Known (This Kind Of Love Before)3:06
1-4I’m A Little Person In Jesus (He’s A Big Person In Me)2:29
1-5Three Little Words3:14
2-1As Jesus Is (Now So Are We)2:03
2-2Jesus, Name Above All Names2:59
2-3I Am Who I Am Says I Am2:47
2-4Go Love Everyone4:03
2-5I’ll Be Leavin’ Just Anytime2:29



Members: Mike Martel, Maria Martel, Suzanne Martel
Others: Will McFarlane, Jerry Wallace, Michele Pillar.