Time Is Slipping Away (Mark MC 5362) 1975?



The seven-person New York outfit Good News Singers would seem to have their roots in the melodic keyboard-rich second-generation Catholic folk style, but they also push in enough diverse new directions that the similarities seem only minimal. One unique thing about these guys is that they often get a solid jazz-rock groove going, working in flute and vibraphone solos on cuts like ‘Come And Rescue Me’ and the wah-wah-backed ‘Come, 0 Holy Spirit’. The mood turns country on the steel-guitar track ‘I Give Thanks To The Lord’ (the only song with female lead vocals), while ‘Hosannana’ (hey, that’s how they spell it) goes for the Caribbean vibe with its steel drum accompaniment. Title cut is a soul-tinged slow rocker that works in the chorus from ‘(I Wanna) Testify’.   (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).

I think that is a Fisher Price toy radio in the little girls lap on the front cover. Fisher Price toys is located in Western New York State near Buffalo. Just a bit of trivia there.     diakoneo





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Proclaim His Deeds2:12
1-2Sing Praise In The Morning4:52
1-3Come And Rescue Me4:44
1-4Song Of Miriam2:39
1-5Time Is Slipping Away5:34
2-1Finally Come To Know You3:45
2-2Come, O Holy Spirit3:43
2-3I Give Thanks To The Lord2:25
2-6Night Prayer3:00



Members: Rich Bisesi, Alan Creech, Tony Galla, Neal Hamlin, Fr. Jack Ledwon, Jim Palys & Rachel Stahika