Beat The Cynics (Unregulated IGLOO~001) 1980



Alaska’s The Cynics show a tough energetic guitar-based new-wave/rock sound on this excellent 4-song production (“freeze rock” a clever soul once called it). ‘Gas Riot’ kicks off the more political side one with quirky wah- wah and some mild Police influences, followed the forceful ‘American Economics’. The more melodic side of the group is revealed on ‘Rock Apocalypse’ with its chiming retro Beatlesque chords. ‘Fools In Hell’ provides the scorching finale, complete with the screams of tormented souls. Punk-ish looking sleeve is a collage of newspaper dippings – hey I see a piece of a Chick tract in there! The only bummer thing about these EPs is that they leave you wanting for more. (Ken Scott – The Archivist) This is a 7″ EP.





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Gas Riot3:04
1-2American Economics2:51
2-1Rock Apocalypse2:52
2-2Fools In Hell2:30