The Advocates (Dovetail DOVE 1) 1973 UK *




This British pop-rocking male foursome delivers a fine debut full of hooks and melodies. Lively presentation, catchy tunes, bold harmonies, invigorated with a crisp electric guitar presence. Lots of organ, too, which gives the album more of a ‘60s sound with flashbacks to the whole British Invasion thing. I’m usually not a fan of horns, but here they’re used to good effect, as on their energetic arrangement of ‘Rise, Shine’. They get down into some loud boogie-style rock-and-roll on ‘No Man’s Land’ and ‘Jumpin’ Jeremiah’, both of which have blazing guitar solos. ‘Alive’ rocks pretty heavily as well, while ‘Revolution’ marches sturdily along in ‘60s garage-band fashion. More piano boogie can be found on ‘Just Jesus And Me’. Some fine ballads in ‘Take A Good Look At Yourself’, ‘Miracle’ and ‘Blind Eyes’. ‘Rebels Song’ is done a cappella in the style of a madrigal. Says on the back that they traveled full time as associate evangelists with British Youth for Christ. Premier album on the Dovetail label. Includes a large folded lyric sheet. Goofy cover with cartoon caricatures of the band. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Take A Good Look At Yourself3:55
1-2Rise Shine2:24
1-3His Name Is Jesus2:48
1-4No-Man’s Land3:06
1-5Just Jesus And Me2:51
1-6Jumping Jeremiah2:43
2-5Blind Eyes1:31
2-6Rebels Song1:12



Members: Dave Kitchen, Stuart Bell, Jon Hindmarsh, Keith Howard