Songs Of Salvation (FEL 810F-6242) 1966






One of the earliest FEL albums featuring a young nun named Sister Germaine Habjan and sixteen of her songs. Definitely the “nun folk” style, and not a bad example of it at that, especially given the old date. She introduces each song with a brief narration. Simple acoustic format with one-to-three guitars, bass and occasional distant background singers. Delicate stirring vocals over moving melodies, often with a solemn mysterious beauty (particularly the eerie ‘Jerusalem, How Often Would I Gather You’).   (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).







Song #Song TitleTime
1-1All Of My Life2:37
1-3You Are My People4:18
1-4The Father Had But One Son1:46
1-5From Among The Branches1:57
1-6Song Of Trust2:35
1-7Jerusalem, How Often Would I Gather You3:29
1-8Love One Another3:31
2-1The Wind Is Blowin’1:50
2-2Who Is This Man?5:13
2-3Come, Lord Jesus2:53
2-4Fear Not5:55
2-5My Lord Is Long A-Comin’3:27
2-6I’ll Never Contented Be2:07
2-7Sing Out2:39