Choose Life (Mark MC 4 329) 1976?





Haunting celestial female harmonies coupled with moving melodies give much of this custom folk production the same beauty as the Medical Mission Sisters’ Seasons. Although lacking the electric edge of the Medical gals, these Sisters lift up some stunningly precious moods here with just their voices, guitars, piano, flute and light percussion. Fifteen original songs. Comes in one of those generic covers with photo of sunrise/clouds. From Notre Dame Chapel in Mankato, Minnesota. (Ken Scott – Archivist).





Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-01Alleluia! This Is The Day1:32
1-02All You Who Thirst, Come!1:45
1-03Choose Life3:03
1-04Come Draw Water Joyfully1:56
1-05Hymn From Colossians2:02
1-06Hymn of Our Lady2:55
1-07The Lord Has Come1:41
1-08Prayer of Generosity3:43
1-09Prayer of Tobit2:37
1-10Psalm 1312:15
1-11Psalm 1391:57
1-12Sing Praise2:04
1-13Song of A Servant2:34
1-14We’ve Seen The Lord1:42
1-15You Are Chosen3:38