They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love (FEL S-252) 1968





Best known as the composer of the title tune which went beyond its mainline roots to become the banner song of the Jesus movement. Despite that tune’s popularity this South Side Chicago reverend’s lp remains relatively unknown. Not so much a solo lp as a collection of his songs performed by members of his congregation. Hence a very home-made sound, with some songs like the title done almost like a Gregorian chant with folk backing. Others are performed by the Saint Brendan’s Choir who jam in a folky youth ensemble bossa nova style with guitars and flute while pounding away on conga drums, maracas, bongos, and temple blocks. A couple pleasant acoustic tunes with different lead singers. Includes selections from Missa Bossa Nova and Mass Of 67th Street (which adds sax to the mix). (Ken Scott – Archivist)






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1They’ll Know We Are Christians2:25
1-2Take My Hand2:00
1-3Choose Life3:22
1-4There Once Was A Man3:44
1-5Lord Have Mercy – Missa Bossa Nova1:06
1-6Glory To God – Missa Bossa Nova2:47
1-7Holy, Holy – Missa Bossa Nova1:15
1-8Our Father – Missa Bossa Nova1:33
1-9Lamb Of God – Missa Bossa Nova1:09
2-1Open Up The Boxes2:29
2-2The Lord Bless You2:39
2-3Glory Be To Israel2:48
2-4Shout And Clap Your Hands2:18
2-5We Gather Together3:47
2-6Lord Have Mercy – Mass of 67th Street1:14
2-7Holy, Holy – Mass of 67th Street0:56
2-8Lamb Of God – Mass Of 67th Street0:53