Gold (Dovetail DOVE 21) 1975 UK *




Gold is at times heavier but mostly lighter than their debut. The music is led by piano and acoustic/electric guitars, with brass, organ, flute, synthesizer, vibes, harp and percussion making some fitting appearances. The title track begins softly with a mesmerizing almost ‘Bali Hai’ kind of sound including mysterious harp and flute, then shifts into a chunky hard rock riff with wah-wah and fuzz. Even louder electric guitar action can be found stirring up trouble on ‘Hey Mr. Sally Ann!’. The lovely and talented Lou Hayles emerges in a bigger role, her captivating voice fronting four of her self-written ballads, including the intensely moving ‘Don’t Let Them Fool You’ (love the fuzz guitar). That track would later appear on her excellent solo lp Don’t Hide Away on the Myrrh UK label (see entry). Once again the loungy trombone tracks totally sweep me away, particularly ‘Jesus’ and ‘Just One Touch’ (the latter is also effectively caressed with fuzz). A bit of a quirky island rhythm on ‘High Time’. All the instruments come together in a climactic burst for the closing high-energy ‘Praise The Lord!’ (based on Psalm 150). Produced by John Pantry. A superb follow-up with many endearing moments.   (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-2Too Many Times4:05
1-3Just One Touch4:06
1-4High Time2:40
1-5Cannot Understand4:15
2-1Hey Mr. Sally Ann!3:22
2-3Take Time4:51
2-4Don’t Let Them Fool You4:21
2-5Praise The Lord!3:20