From The Darkness Came Light (Westwood WRS144) 1979 UK *


From The Darkness Came Light adds electric guitar and drums to several songs, making for one of Harvey’s most satisfying lps. Often a country folk context, as on ‘He’s Just The One’, a cover of ‘Torn Between Two Lovers’ and the Dolly Parton songs ‘Jolene’ and ‘Love Is Like A Butterfly’. Also renditions of Emmylou Harris (‘Boulder To Birmingham’) and Evita’s ‘Another Suitcase In Another Hall’, the latter being especially beautiful. Acoustic guitar is still the primary focus on self-written songs like the title track, ‘I Love You’, ‘The Phantoms Of Suffolk’ and ‘Peter’s Song’ (a song about Peter’s denial of knowing Jesus). Other originals from Jancis include ‘Nouska’ and ‘We Shall Rise’. From what I’ve read most Westwood titles were pressed in micro quantities. (Ken Scott – Archivist).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1He’s The One2:31
1-3Torn Between Two Lovers4:43
1-4From The Darkness Came Light2:41
1-5I Love You2:24
1-6We Shall Rise2:29
2-1Love Is Like A Butterfly2:06
2-2Phantoms Of Suffolk2:26
2-3Another Suitcase In Another Hall2:57
2-4Boulder To Birmingham3:30
2-6Peter’s Song2:27
2-7Garden Gnome2:03



You can locate all five of Jancis early albums on her site or from her web site. She also has more recent works available. There is also an update on her career. Lets support her in her efforts. She is also still preforming, you may be able to catch her in concert. Jancis Harvey website.