The Answer (Forrest Green FGS 102) 1980



Great primitive country rock custom from Beaverton, Michigan band with totally home-made sound. Off-key singing with crude twangy electric guitar, some longhair Dead vibes and a couple raw grungy hard-rockin’ cuts with deep fuzz (‘Just Another Day’ and the closing ‘Judgment Day’). Mostly original songs, plus a cover of Hank Williams’ ‘I Saw The Light’. Black and white ink pen cover of Christ emerging from broken wall. IHS = In His Service. Proof that low-tech can in fact be quite enjoyable.   (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Come And Rescue Me3:03
1-2A Time In Your Life3:52
1-3I Saw The Light2:18
1-4Cry For The Unsaved4:07
1-5The Answer4:38
2-1Just Another Day4:02
2-2Honky Tonk And Crossroad Bars2:44
2-3He's Coming Back2:57
2-4Jesus Is The Only Way4:21
2-5Judgement Day3:21



Members: Rick Harrell, Denny Elliott, Jake Le Tourneau, Sharon Le Tourneau, Carol Chenette, Dale Chenette

They were from Beaverton, MI.