Heimkehr (Eden EM 20002) 1980 Germany*





For their third lp Eden recorded earlier material that they had composed between 1974 and 1976, including two tracks that check in at ten minutes (‘Die Klagelieder Des Jeremia’ and ‘Heimkehr’). The song-writing isn’t nearly as memorable as on Erwartung and Perelandra, but it’s still a strong album. All the group’s trademark elements are in place: the progressive structures, the spacious female harmonies, the electric guitars, the synthesizers, the violin, the dramatic spoken sections. I especially liked the funky clavinet and cascades of rippling synths on ‘Psalm 137’. The album title means “homecoming”. I believe all three of the Eden lps have been re-issued on CD. The group renamed themselves Yavanna for their fourth album (see entry). See also Markus Egger.   (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Intro-Die Klagelieder Des Jeremia (The Lamentations Of Jeremiah)12:00
1-2Psalm 1375:10
1-3Psalm 1265:45
2-1Heimkehr (Coming Home)10:11
2-2Herr, Ich Bin Nicht Wurdig (Lord I Am Not Worthy)5:45
2-3Neues Land Im Licht (New Land In The Light)7:00

Members: Irene Heidenreich, Annette Schmalenbach, Anne Dierks, Thomas Flemming, Markus Egger

Other musicians: Dirk Schmalenbach on keyboards, percussion and violin, Michael Dierks on keyboards, Hans Fritzch on guitars, Michael Claren on guitars, Hans Muller on drums, Michael Wirth on percussion, Mario Schaub on flute.