Build Me A Cabin (Tyloa 34760) 1979





Good ol’ Brushwood Laurel. They’re probably the only band in the world to do bluegrass covers of Larry Norman (‘Look Into Jesus’) and Randy Matthews (‘Didn’t He’). With fast-pickin’ banjo and fancy fiddle, this co-ed college-age Milwaukee group of six lays down a fun good-spirited home-grown blending of bluegrass and Jesus folk. Most of their palette sticks to tried-and-true standards like the title track, ‘Somebody Stole His Body’, ‘I Saw The Light’, ‘Pickin’ To Beat The Devil’, and ‘Rocky Top’. Also a couple originals: ‘Goodbye Mr. Devil’ and ‘Another Man’s Shoes’. Slows down for a cover of ‘All My Trials’. Should find good company amongst Zion Mountain Folk and Fish House Fellowship Band. They had at least one other album, 1981’s South On 41.   (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).








Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Rocky Top3:14
1-2Somebody Stole His Body2:21
1-3Pickin’ To Beat The Devil2:45
1-4All My Trials3:20
1-5Goodbye, Mr. Devil3:18
1-6Build Me A Cabin1:07
2-1Banjo-Guitar Skirmish2:41
2-2Another Man’s Shoes1:47
2-3Look Into Jesus3:49
2-4Gospel Ship2:30
2-5Didn’t He3:11
2-6I Saw The Light3:00



Members: Chris Stacy, Paul Brushwood, Tom Siewert, Mary O’Conner, Dave Lang, Bo Larson & Diane Alexy
They were from Wisconsin.