Feel The Warmth (Chara 770230) 1977






Feel The Warmth is one of the better male acoustic rock customs I’ve heard. Mostly open-aired 12-string moods with attractive synthesizer backing and sharp guitar work, both acoustic and electric. I’d say similar in some respects to early Mike Johnson solos like Lord Doctor and Velvet Prince, balancing gentle unplugged tunes with heavier electric material like ‘The Mighty Sword’ and ‘Miracles’. Bill’s quieter side has much of the dreamy relaxed acoustic approach of artists like Dennis Ryder and Ron Moore. One such piece is the beautifully moving title ballad. Light rural/country edge to ‘Livin’ For Tomorrow’ and ‘Hey Now’. Bill plays all guitars along with bass, percussion and drums. That guitar sounds a little like Phil Keaggy on the opening ‘Who Is The Giver’. Much better than Bill’s folk album with Jim Baer.     (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Who Is The Giver3:03
1-2Born From Above1:32
1-3The Mighty Sword3:29
1-6The Sheepfold1:18
2-1Feel The Warmth3:58
2-2When You Think Of Him3:16
2-3Livin' For Tomorrow2:31
2-4Hey Now3:59
2-5I Don't Understand2:53