A Door Of Hope (Dovetail DOVE 18) 1975 UK




First and best from UK troupe that also recorded under the names Wine Of Lebanon and later simply Achor. Their music would grow more glossy over the years but this is the one that stays truest to a gentle folk/praise spirit, with a small touch of lyrical progressive that befits the lush gate-fold fantasy cover. Delicate female harmonies, guitars, flute, and melodica surrounded by that distinctively British folk charm makes this a delightful package.  (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).



Valley (In Lft)

Valley (In Rgt)


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Valley of Achor4:28
1-2Jesus, How Lovely You Are2:34
1-3Father I Place3:29
1-4He Alone2:42
1-5We Are Never Alone6:33
1-6Great Grace4:47
2-1Make A Joyful Noise4:32
2-2Father, Your Love4:01
2-3Fear Not2:07
2-4Come Walk With Me2:24
2-5Lord I Feel2:29
2-6Holy Father4:07