Tungt Vatten (Prophone PROP 7756) 1975 Sweden *





The award for the most avant-garde sanctified ‘70s sounds would have to go to the custom debut of the Swedish trio Vatten. Man this thing is hardcore strange! Absolutely raw, loud, stripped-down, grungy, mean, low-down, thunderous blues rock that can plod along at a pace that makes Black Sabbath seem fast. Or they just might burst out with an up-tempo jam that before you know it has degenerated into an improvisational free-form noise bash devoid of anything remotely resembling melody. Guitarist Tomas Ernvik absolutely shreds on the extended leads, fuzzed, phased, feedbacked – I can almost picture him setting his guitar on fire!. All vocals growled out in the native tongue with occasional ‘Gud’ or ‘Kristus’ to remind you that “it’s Christian”. Some boogie-woogie, jazz rock, and a couple tunes in the 7-8 minute range, one of them an atmospheric experimental psychedelic thing with what sounds like gurgly underwater vocals. Nifty gate-fold cover.    (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).




The Title in English would be “Heavy Water”.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Jag är trött (I am tired)2:25
1-2Du kämpar (You are fighting)3:40
1-3När du… (When you…)8:05
1-4Egoismen (The Egoism)5:15
1-5Tempora Mutantur (Temporary Mutantur)2:45
2-1Svaret (The Answer)7:10
2-2Förtröstan (Reliance)4:45
2-3Inget att förlora (Nothing to Lose)2:50
2-4Glädjesprutan (The burst of joy)5:50