No Longer Strangers (Celesta CR-0030) 1981



Beautiful casual soaring authentic progressive rural rock custom with flashes of Atlanta Rhythm Section, The Talbot Brothers, Gordon Lightfoot and Thomas Goodlunas/Panacea. Production quality is excellent, a lucid acoustic framework with moody synths in the background, airy harmonies, and choice electric guitar leads from Rudy Bruggeman (some nice acoustic ones, too). All songs written by John Carlson, who’s lead vocals have that perfect soothing resonance for the style. Scott Huebl plays bass and provides vocal harmony. Titles include ‘Led Of The Spirit’, ‘Prophet & Sage’, ‘I Am Crucified’, ‘Potters Wheel’, seven others. A very satisfying work, housed in a striking colorful fantasy cover.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Led Of The Spirit4:01
1-2Prophet & Sage3:26
1-3I Am Crucified5:21
1-4Potters Wheel2:48
1-5These Are The Days3:31
1-6High As A Mountain4:22
2-1He Knows Our Frame4:38
2-2It Is Written6:14
2-4Lord Do It Again3:09
2-5No Longer Strangers2:55