Happy Is The Man Who Knows The Lord (Two:Dot MTMG-71772) 1975?


Lighthearted good-time country rock custom from four guys somewhere out in Iowa. Members include Mike Pitts (rhythm guitar), Dave Best (rhythm guitar), Greg Morse (lead guitar) and Dana Walling (bass), with others contributing piano, flute and drums. Twelve songs with happy vibes like the title says, light to heavy, knee-slappin’ to gospelly, boosted by nice electric guitar throughout. Sample titles are ‘You Don’t Have To Cross Jordan Alone’, ‘For God So Loved The World’, ‘Cowboy For Jesus’, ‘That Jesus Loves Me Stuff’ and ‘The Church In The Wildwood’. Standout cuts are ‘I Stand At The Door And Knock’ (a gritty rocker with harmonica) and ‘Mountain Glory’ (another hard-edged rocker with cool tremolo effects). Belongs in the same friendly not-too-mean cowboy-hatted club as Heirship, Harvest, Simple Truth, Hallelujah Joy Band, Daniel Amos and Children Of The Light. This custom album was later released by Tempo (R7078) in a totally different cover.  (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Happy Is The Man Who Knows The Lord2:37
1-2You Don't Have To Cross Jordan Alone2:43
1-3For God So Loved The World3:19
1-4I Stand At Your Door And Knock2:05
1-5Call On Him1:20
1-6Cowboy For Jesus2:40
2-1Mountain Glory3:27
2-2From Me To You2:43
2-3That "Jesus Loves Me" Stuff
2-4Christian Brothers2:00
2-5The Church In The Wildwoods2:46
2-6I'm On My Way Home3:06



This is available from their Website.