Never Thirst Again (Pure Joy PJ103) 1976


Enjoyable five-man country rock band produced by Al Perkins sporting a nice rollicking sound with piano, steel guitar and banjo leading the way. Other country albums in this era lost authenticity due to too much polish and overproduction, but this band sticks to their roots (not necessarily a backwoods format, but no real pop crossovers either). Mix of acoustic and electric guitars, heavier than Shiloh, less aggressive than Canaan; mostly mid-tempo grooves ranging from mellow to mid-rocking, sounding a little like Bethlehem and The Way. A couple fast banjo hoedown numbers: ‘God The Father’ and ‘Oh Sweet Jesus’, Fred Field’s fiddle joining the party for the latter (some decent acoustic guitar picking in there as well). Dobro and organ also make appearances. Other titles include ‘Let Your Sun Shine’, ‘Rich Man, Poor Man’, ‘What Is Justice’ and ‘Pointin My Finger’. Outlaw saloon/bar cover makes ‘em look a bit meaner than they really are. Cowboy hats proudly in position. Overall goes down quite well.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Never Thrist Again3:20
1-2Let Your Sun Shine2:20
1-3Rich Man, Poor Man2:59
1-4Thinkin’ Back3:51
1-5What Is Justice4:13
1-6Oh Sweet Jesus2:09
2-1Pointin’ My Finger3:10
2-2You Just Can’t Lose3:20
2-3Raise Your Voice2:58
2-4They Don’t Know4:33
2-5God The Father2:23
2-6Never Thirst Again1:06

Member musicians: Edison Riggs, Willie Roberson, Jerry Barnard, Mark Ala, & Steve Messick.
Other musicians: Fred Field, Don Gerber. Produced by Al Perkins