Jasmine & Jeremiah (Generation GEN 3002) 1974 Canada *


More convincing samples of reggae, calypso and acoustic ballads, many of which also appear on the above albums. Titles like ‘Magnificat’, ‘Take Me John-John’, ‘Babylon A Catch Me’, ‘Psalm 137’ and ‘Star Lullaby’. I’ve seen at least three different pressings and covers for this album. The copy I’m working off of comes from Canada and is on the same label as Apocalypse’s Sometime – Someplace.   (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-3Christmas Mento1:51
1-5Take Me John John3:17
2-1Babylon A Catch Me3:01
2-2Rivers Of Babylon3:19
2-3Star Lullaby3:10
2-4Knew You Before All Times3:57
2-5Freedom Song2:47

Please those who download this album go to Fr. Holung’s website and make a donation. Fr. Holung sold these LP’s to raise money for his ministry which is still in operation. It seems only fitting that we should continue to support this brother today. Some of Fr. Holung’s more recent releases are available from OCP. They include a Christmas album.